Our New Blog

This is our new blog, we will be posting updates and pictures of what we have been doing at Fosse Way House!

Feel free to leave nice comments about our adventures (these will be moderated) and have a check of all the things we have been doing 🙂

Carry on camping ⛺️

As part of our Glastonbury Festival experience a group of students have been practicing putting up a tents. They worked really well together as a team and looks like they were pretty relaxed in the evening sunshine. They also enjoyed a picnic tea and s’mores for dessert.

Growing avocados 🥑

At FWH we are attempting to grow our own avocados 🥑 we have kept the seeds from inside the fruit and carefully wrapped it in a wet paper towel. We need to keep them like this until hopefully it starts to grow roots. We can then put the seed into water and watch it grow.

WE wrapped the seed in a wet paper tissue.
We carefully checked each seed to check if they had started to grow. This one is just starting to.
This one has roots so we can put this in water to help it to grow.
We have two with roots that will hopefully grow into avocado plants. Look out for all of them on sale in the cafe in July. 🥑